Showerhead Efficiency Display

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Originally developed with United Utilities, EcoStyle’s Showerhead Efficiency Display is a portable demonstration model which shows the difference in water consumption between a standard showerhead and a water-efficient showerhead.


Can you guess the water-efficient


A button operates both showers simultaneously for 30 seconds, with the water flowing directly down the plugholes. The user can place their hands underneath the spray to compare the feel of the two showers.

They can then try to guess which one is the water-efficient showerhead and which is the standard showerhead. Often it is difficult to tell the difference!


Guessing the Water-Efficient Showerhead with EcoStyle's Showerhead Efficiency Display



Observing shower water savings using the EcoStyle Showerhead Efficiency Display  

Dramatic water savings

The plugs are then closed and the user presses the button again to start the showerheads running for 30 seconds. This time the water collects in the clear measuring containers underneath the showerheads.

Users will see that a standard showerhead typically consumes nearly 6 litres of water in 30 seconds (almost 12 litres per minute), while the water-efficient showerhead typically consumes just over 4½ litres (just over 9 litres per minute). Members of the public are usually very impressed with this water saving.



Changing attitudes and behaviour

Giving users the ability to feel the flow of the showerheads helps to challenge the perception that water-efficient showerheads give inferior performance.

Coupled with the dramatic potential water savings, this delivers a powerful message and gives a compelling argument for fitting a water-efficient showerhead.

  EcoStyle's Showerhead Efficiency Display changes consumer attitudes and behaviour



EcoStyle's Showerhead Efficiency Display is battery-operated and fully independent


Fully independent

The demonstration is designed to be a self-contained unit and does not need a mains water connection or to be plugged into mains electricity. This makes it ideal for use at exhibitions and outdoor events. The model is powered by a 12 volt rechargeable battery pack which will typically provide a full day of power.

The two internal water reservoirs are filled with clean tap water at the beginning of the day using the included jerrycans, and are emptied at the end of the day.



Portable and quick to set-up

The unit separates into two parts (base unit and lightweight back panel), making it easy to transport in the back of a car or small van.

The model is mounted on braked castors which allow it to be easily manoeuvred once on-site. Convenient grab handles located on each side assist with moving and lifting the unit.

  EcoStyle's Showerhead Efficiency Display transported in the back of a car



EcoStyle Showerhead Efficiency Display branded with water company logo  

Deliver your own message

The backboard and front graphics panels can be customised to include your company’s logo and corporate colours. New graphics can be provide to meet your requirements, helping you deliver your water-efficiency campaign.



Safe and hygienic

Low voltage power ensures that the unit is safe to use.

The water is changed daily and treated with water purification tablets, which means the model remains completely hygienic. Two replaceable water filters collect any waterborne particles, keeping the water clean.

  Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets



Made in Britain Logo  

Peace of mind

EcoStyle products are designed and manufactured by us in the United Kingdom to the highest quality standards.

The Showerhead Efficiency Display is designed to be durable and provide many years of reliable service.

All our products are supported by our twelve-month warranty against manufacturing defects, and we offer a range of spare parts.



What’s included?

- Wheeled base unit

- Lightweight back panel with 4 x securing bolts

- 2 x 7.5L polycarbonate measuring containers

- 2 x chrome shower hoses

- 2 x chrome-effect shower riser bars

- 2 x automated chrome pop-up wastes

- 12V rechargeable battery pack with mains charger

- 2 x 8L jerrycans for filling and emptying

- 200 x 67mg Aquatab® water purification tablets (100-day supply)

Optional extras

- Fully-automated pop-up wastes

- Programmable run-times

- Mira Eco Water-Saving Showerhead (Chrome)

- Mira Nectar Power Showerhead (Satin/Chrome)

- Additional 12 volt rechargeable battery pack with charger

- Additional pack of 200 x 67mg Aquatab® water purification tablets (100-day supply)

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions: H1700 x W680 x D440mm

Base Unit

- Predominant material: Laminated MDF

- Dimensions: H940 x W680 x D440mm

- Castors: 4 x Ø110mm (braked)

- Power cable length: 700mm

- Pump type: 2 x 12V pumps delivering up to 11L per minute

- Internal water reservoir capacity: 2 x 8L

- External water container capacity: 2 x 7.5L

Back Panel

- Predominant material: Foam-core Foamex

- Dimensions: H1190 x W570 x D75mm

- Weight: 2.25kg

- Connections: 4 x M8 x 60mm thumbwheels

12V Rechargeable Battery Pack

- Predominant material: ABS

- Dimensions: H270 x W270 x D90mm

- Weight: 7.5kg

- Battery capacity: 22Ah

- Boost peak rate: 1600A

- Connection: Lighter socket (LS)/DIN standard socket

- Mains charger cable length: 1800mm


- Predominant material: HDPE

- Capacity: 8L

- Dimensions: H270 x W230 x D180mm

- Weight (empty): 340g

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