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Showerhead Efficiency Display

Showerhead Efficiency Display£2,467.50

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EcoStyle's Showerhead Efficiency Display is a portable demonstration model which shows the difference in water consumption between a standard showerhead and a water-efficient showerhead.

Sewage Pipe Demo

Sewage Pipe Demo£1,169.85

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EcoStyle's Sewage Pipe Demo gives a graphic demonstration of the problems caused when unsuitable objects enter the sewage system.

Dripping Tap Demo

Dripping Tap Demo£402.50

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EcoStyle's Dripping Tap Demo shows just how much water is wasted by a dripping tap.

Surface Drainage Model

Surface Drainage Model£2,039.95

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EcoStyle's Surface Drainage Model shows the surface drainage problems caused by housing construction and de-forestation.

Water Supply Challenge

Water Supply Challenge£299.95

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The Water Supply Challenge is an exciting, award-winning educational resource for schools.

Students work in teams to plan, buy materials, construct and commission a water supply network.

Archimedes Screw Model

Archimedes Screw Model£189.95

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EcoStyle's Archimedes Screw Model demonstrates a historical method used for transferring water from a low-lying body of water into irrigation ditches.

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