Wind Turbine Kit

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Developed with the National Energy Foundation, EcoStyle's Wind Turbine Kit is a working model of a real wind turbine. Hands-on and fully interactive, the kit shows how wind power can be harnessed to generate electricity.

The Wind Turbine Kit is assembled in minutes and is easy to use, making it suitable for both children and adults. It is designed for use in schools, colleges and universities, by councils, or as a demonstration model to promote wind power within industry.

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Understand wind power

Experience the power of the wind – both indoors and out

Use the wind turbine indoors with a fan, or outdoors in the wind. The tailplane automatically turns the wind turbine towards the wind, even if the wind changes direction.

  EcoStyle Wind Turbine Kit Powered by a Fan Indoors



EcoStyle Wind Turbine Kit Modules and Voltmeter  

See the power

Harness the wind to generate electricity

Watch the wind turbine power the electric motor, buzzer or LED, or connect it to the voltmeter to measure the amount of electricity generated.



Learn through experimentation

Try different turbine blade configurations

The turbine hub offers combinations of two, three or six blades. The blade angles can be easily adjusted too. Which configuration gives the greatest output?

  Changing Propeller Blades on the EcoStyle Wind Turbine Kit



EcoStyle Wind Turbine Kit Blade Configurations



Changing Gears on the EcoStyle Wind Turbine Kit  

Try something new

Three gearing options

The kit includes a set of four cogs which can be easily interchanged to test three different gear combinations. Try ratios of 3:1, 1:1 and 1:3 and discover what effect this has on the power generated.



EcoStyle Wind Turbine Kit Gear Configurations



Save time, save space

Tidy and secure

The cardboard storage case helps keep all components organised and protected with individual component compartments and a hinged lid.




Made in Britain Logo  

Peace of mind

Built to last

EcoStyle products are designed and manufactured by us in the United Kingdom to the highest quality standards.

The Wind Turbine Kit is designed to be durable and provide many years of reliable service.

All of our products are supported by our twelve-month warranty against manufacturing defects, and we offer a range of spare parts.



What’s included?

- Two-part wind turbine (600mm high) consisting of a nacelle (top), and tower (base)

- Integral clamp to secure the wind turbine to a table top or bench etc.

- Six turbine blades

- Motor module

- LED module

- Buzzer module

- Dual-scale analogue voltmeter

- Brass-hub gears: 60-tooth, two 40-tooth, and 20-tooth with a 1.5mm hex key

- Operating and assembly instructions

- Cardboard storage case

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