Product Design

Do you have an idea for a new educational demonstration model, game or activity? Perhaps you have an existing product that has been designed in-house which you would like to develop?

We provide a complete design and manufacture service to take your idea from an initial concept through to a finished product.

We offer a friendly, professional approach and strive to design and manufacture products of the highest quality which will provide years of reliable service.

The Design Process

1 - Initial meeting: we visit you to discuss your ideas and suggest how we may be able to assist you. During this meeting we will run through a Product Design Checklist which ensures that our designs will fully meet your requirements.

2 - Proposal: we will provide you with a Product Design Specification (PDS) detailing our understanding of your requirements. If necessary, this document can be amended. At this stage we will also provide an initial quotation for the design and manufacture of your product.

3 - Concept Development: we will generate a number of designs and present these to you in the form of sketches. One concept (or perhaps a combination of several concepts) will be selected for further development.

4 - Concept Fining: we will progress your selected design through to a final design. This design will be presented to you in the form of 3D renders, technical drawings and a prototype if appropriate.

5 - Design Sign-Off: Modifications can be made to the design if necessary, and it will then be approved for production.  

6 - Manufacture: we fabricate and assemble your product. All production is within the UK, and our quality control procedures ensue a consistently high standard of manufacture.

7 - Delivery: we arrange shipment of your product/s to your chosen delivery address. If required, a member of the EcoStyle design team can visit you at the time of delivery to run through the operation and maintenance of your product.

Phone +44 1582 207 157