Mission statement

EcoStyle's objective is to combat climate change through education and awareness-raising, focussing on two key areas:

The adoption of renewable energy to reduce global CO2 emissions and ensure a secure and sustainable energy supply

Water conservation and efficiency measures to ensure sufficient water supplies throughout the world

Children looking at wind turbine

We aim to achieve these goals through the design and manufacture products which demonstrate how renewable energy works and to show its simplicity and effectiveness.  Renewable energy has been harnessed for thousands of years, but there is still a need to explain how these technologies work. 

We wish to encourage the adoption of photovoltaic and solar water heating systems on individual homes, and to reduce opposition to the construction of wind farms and solar arrays.

Climate change is leading to increasing water shortages in parts of the world. Our water conservation and efficiency kits raise awareness of the water supply system and to encourage responsible water usage behaviour within the home and commercially. 

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