Environmental policy

EcoStyle is committed to safeguarding the environment through taking a responsible approach to reducing any adverse environmental consequences of our business activities.

We are members of the Bedfordshire Green Business Network and winners of the Federation of Small Businesses ‘Environmental Responsibility Award 2010’, and the Rising Stars ‘Green Business Award 2010’.

Our commitments

- Comply with current and future legalisation
- Reduce waste, pollutants and emission of greenhouse gases
- Use materials and energy efficiently
- Promote a culture of best environmental practice amongst employees


We recycle all waste paper, cardboard, plastic and metals. We reuse office paper by printing on the reverse of used paper. Where possible we reuse packaging materials received by us from our supplier deliveries.

All laser toner and inkjet cartridges are recycled. We list unwanted items and off-cuts on Freecycle and keep general waste to a minimum.


Our building has a natural ventilation system which means air conditioning is not required. There is a roof-mounted solar water heating system which contributes to the hot water supply. We minimise our use of heating during cold weather.

Our low-energy lighting system is controlled by motion-sensors. Employees are required to conserve electricity by switching off all appliances when not required. Kettles are filled only with the amount of water needed.


We aim to eliminate all unnecessary journeys and to organise our collections and deliveries as efficiently as possible. Home-working for production workers reduces the need for travel into work.

Employees are encouraged to walk or cycle into work or use public transport where possible. We provide secure cycle parking, locker and shower facilities.

Car-sharing is organised for employees which provides a cost-saving in addition to reducing CO2 emissions. Drivers are educated about the benefits of energy-efficient driving techniques.

We are currently researching the new generation of electric vehicles, and intend to lease an electric vehicle for company use.

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