Council Testimonials

Testimonials from Councils using the Educational Resource Box scheme:

Peterborough City Council logo

"The Peterborough School Energy Resource launched in 2010 and is a unique and flexible free resource aimed at helping to educate pupils in our local schools about the natural resources used to generate energy, whilst increasing their understanding of climate change and renewable energy.

"The resource contains a range of activity plans and materials which have links to the primary curriculum and can be adapted to suit any range of ages and abilities. The activities link to the Eco-Schools Programme and the Sustainable Schools Framework.

"The EcoStyle Renewable Energy Kits are a substantial part of this resource and have proved extremely popular with our local schools. Teachers particularly like how the kits really allow children to get to grips with understanding renewable technology by the very nature of how hands-on they can be when teaching about this important topic."

Jenna Hiley, Climate Change Officer - Peterborough City Council


Caerphilly County Borough Council logo

"At Caerphilly County Borough Council, the Sustainable Development team have been working with primary and secondary schools to raise awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy through the Eco-Schools programme, the Eco 10:10 initiative and the Caerphilly Solar Schools Project, which involved installing solar photovoltaic systems on a number of schools in the county borough.

"Every school involved in the Caerphilly Solar Schools Project received four EcoStyle Renewable Energy Kits to help the teachers incorporate renewable energy into the curriculum and Eco-School activities. We also have a loan scheme where schools can borrow additional kits for whole school renewable energy projects. The Renewable Energy Kits are a fantastic resource and have proved very popular with our schools."

Tracy Evans, Education for Sustainable Development Officer – Caerphilly County Borough Council


Newcastle City Council logo

"Newcastle City Council’s EnviroSchools programme is an established and successful project that raises the level of sustainability in the city’s schools. Energy and water reduction is an essential part of this, in turn helping to reduce both costs and carbon.

Enviro Schools logo

"To achieve this, pupils need to be fully engaged, and the EcoStyle kits help to enhance the learning and engagement in the classroom by demonstrating how renewable energy is actually produced."

Ben Grant, EnviroSchools Officer - Newcastle City Council


Sheffield City Council logo

"Sheffield City Council has identified schools as one of the key catalysts for the creation of sustainable communities. One aspect of sustainable communities is improving the understanding of young people and adults of how renewable technologies work. A great opportunity is missed if a school has impressive PV panels on their roof but the pupils and adults in the schools do not understand the basic science of how their PV system works.

"We have found the EcoStyle Photovoltaic Kits perfect for classes of pupils and adults to understand and remember the basics of generating electricity from sunshine."

Steve Byers, Eco-management and Audit Co-ordinator - Sheffield City Council


Luton Borough Council logo

"Luton Borough Council purchased some EcoStyle Kits to use at events and workshops to illustrate how renewable energy works in action. The kits proved so popular and engaging that they are now available for schools to borrow from the Schools Library Service, along with the useful curriculum guides.

"The kits will also be used as part of a new education programme that Luton Borough Council is embarking on in partnership with the Carbon Trust."

Jodie Colclough, Strategy and Sustainability Officer - Luton Borough Council

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