Frequently Asked Questions

How many Renewable Energy Kits do councils typically buy?

This varies depending on your project. For example, Leicestershire County Council purchased 120 kits (40 x Wind Turbine Kits, 40 x Photovoltaic Kits, and 40 x Solar Water Heater Kits).

Caerphilly County Borough Council purchased 90 x Photovoltaic Kits, one for every school involved in their Solar Schools project.

Coventry City Council purchased 60 kits (20 x Wind Turbine Kits, 20 x Photovoltaic Kits, and 20 x Solar Water Heater Kits) for their Sustainable Schools programme.

How long do schools borrow the kits for?

Schools typically borrow Renewable Energy Kits from the Resource Box for either half a term or a whole term. You may wish to allow non-school users to borrow the kits for an agreed fixed period.

How much does it cost?

The Council purchases Renewable Energy Kits at discounted prices (please download the price list), which can then be borrowed by schools for free. You may wish to charge a small delivery fee, or the schools could collect and return the kits from you themselves.

Schools participating in the Council’s programme have the option of purchasing their own kits directly from EcoStyle, with a special 10% discount.

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